Turbine truck Engines, Inc. (TTEG)

NakedStock analysts focus a large amount of concern on company fundamentals, upcoming trends in the market, and long term valuation during their scans. It was on one of these market scans that we found Turbine Truck Engines, Inc. (TTEG) and brought it to our newsletter subscribers attention. Readers enjoyed a spike in the price of TTEG shares over 200% in less than two months!.

tteg chart

We followed TTEG closely over the next six months and alerted it a second time for even more huge gains! It takes careful consideration of market timing and trends to spot movement like TTEG had our second time around. Notice the initial pop where we alerted the momentum followed by two breakouts to the upside. Our readers enjoyed another 200% gain on the second alert of Turbine Truck Engines, Inc. (TTEG).

tteg chart

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