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NakedStock.Info is please to announce Document Capture Technologies (OTCBB: DCMT) as our newly featured stock.

- Recent supply agreement with technology giant Qualcomm
- Growing client list with major technology companies
- More than 70 percent market share
- Strategy of stringent cost controls, inventory management and a strict focus on core businesses.
- Positive EBITDA for the third consecutive quarter in 2008
- Rising cash flow: $2.3 million year to date
- Cash on hand $800,000
- Working Capital $1.5 million
- Debt-free
- Market Capitalization only $8.3 Million

Video With David P. Clark, CEO of Document Capture Technologies

spacer Document Capture Tech, Inc.


  1772 Technology Drive
Suite 178
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: 408-436-9888 X.207


Outstanding Shares:
  18,443,770 as of Nov 7, 2008**
Market Cap:
  $8,299,696 as of Jan 16, 2009**



Document Capture (DCT) is a worldwide leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and sale of USB powered mobile page-fed document capture solutions. Its vertical integration and innovative proprietary system development kits allow for a broad range of applications, faster time-to-market and ease of integration for its customers.

DCT has more than 45 key accounts, predominantly in North America and a growing intellectual property (IP) portfolio that currently numbers more than 25 granted domestic and international patents as well as 3 pending. DCT maintains an aggressive IP strategy to defend its technology and market leadership position.

DCT provides more than 30 different products across five distinct categories, which are distributed globally through private label solutions to leading Tier 1 OEMs, VAR’s and other system integrators, including Qualcomm and Brother.

DCT has steadily grown its business (37% three-year organic CAGR) in the health care, security, financial and compliance vertical markets. The company and its licensees currently enjoy greater than a 70% share of the USB-powered mobile scanner market.

Corporate Profile:

Sysview Technology, Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 1995 and has evolved from its core mobile image scanning business, which is both profitable on an EBITDA basis and is expected to continue growing in excess of 30 percent annually. This business designs and manufactures portable USB powered scanners for use in the corporate/enterprise and small office/home-office markets. The technology behind these scanning solutions is protected by a growing, patent-protected intellectual property portfolio.

As the market leader in mobile image scanning devices, the company distributes 20-plus products through a global network of OEMs, system integrators, and value-added resellers. Seven new products are expected to be introduced within the next year. For the past two and a half years the Company has leveraged its scanning technology and manufacturing acumen in the development of innovative solutions for the High Definition display market. The transition started with the recognition that the Company’s experience in sequentially managing Red Green & Blue LED output to recreate color images could be beneficial to the LCD HDTV market. This led to the development of an LED backlighting solution for LCD panels which it expects to debut in late 2007.

During the pursuit of viable technologies to supply the ever increasing demand for low cost, high performance HDTV solutions, the company recognized the potential of Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) projection-microdisplays as a superior alternative to the competing technology, DLP. Having been around for several years, LCOS technology showed promise, but high costs reduced its viability as a consumer product. The Company recognized that the market push towards true 1080p resolution, along with the success of Sony’s SXRD version of LCOS, could in fact be a new beginning for LCOS. Toward this objective, Sysview acquired Nanodisplay, Inc., a microdisplay imager company founded by Dr. Gehong Kim one of the pioneering engineers of LCOS imager technology. With Nanodisplay’s proprietary high yield, low cost chip design and back-end process in hand, the company recognized the importance of a vertical business strategy that depends on the integration of the imager into a high performance, low manufacturing cost Optical Engine (OE) to project the image.

Current OE design is both complicated and costly to manufacture. To be successful, the strategy requires advancing the art in LCOS engines. Enter Next Wave Optics, Inc. founder George Mihalakis, developer of the current standard CQ3 engine design and more recently, a lower cost next generation OE. Sysview Technology Inc. entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with NWO, purchased its assets and hired its key talent, making Mr. Mihalakis Sysview’s CTO of HDTV. With vertical integration of the key proprietary LCOS components combined with the next generation approach, the Company expects to have pre-production unit’s available for late 2006 customer review. After a successful capital raise in June 2005, the company delivered on and greatly exceeded its projections for the core image scanning business over the following 12 months.

The scanning business is operating at full capacity and has met higher than forecast demand and required additional capital to meet a clearly accelerating market growth curve. These products generate in excess of 15% EBITDA, and it is this cash flow and generation that has been funding advancements and growth in the display business. This lead to an additional capital raise in August 2006 which serves two masters: directly benefiting the expanding scanning products which delivers operating profit to fund the HDTV display products. The Company will from time to time asses its capital requirements and may decide to seek additional capital in the future.

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docketport 487 The Next Generation of Personal Productivity.
Scans Full Size Documents on Both Sides Simultaneously Fully USB powered, AC adapter not required. Portable Duplex Scanning on your desktop. Scanning resolution up to 600 DPI. Scanning size from business card to legal doucuments in as quick as 10 Seconds.
docketport 487

The Perfect Lightweight and Portable Document Scanning Manager Solution.Fully USB powered, no AC power adaptor required. This portable scanner can scan upto 600dpi. Scanned size ranges from business card to legal document.

docketport 487 The Next Generation of Personal Productivity.
Scans Full Size Documents on Both Sides Simultaneously Fully USB powered, AC adapter not required. Portable Duplex Scanning on your desktop. Scanning resolution up to 600 DPI. Scanning size from business card to legal doucuments in as quick as 10 Seconds.
docketport 487 The Next Generation of Personal Productivity.
Scans Full Size Documents on Both Sides Simultaneously Fully USB powered, AC adapter not required. Portable Duplex Scanning on your desktop. Scanning resolution up to 600 DPI. Scanning size from business card to legal doucuments in as quick as 10 Seconds.
docketport 487 The Next Generation of Personal Productivity.
Scans Full Size Documents on Both Sides Simultaneously Fully USB powered, AC adapter not required. Portable Duplex Scanning on your desktop. Scanning resolution up to 600 DPI. Scanning size from business card to legal doucuments in as quick as 10 Seconds.


- Projected 2009 annual growth rate of 25% for portable page fed scanner market

- Product life cycle exceeds other computer peripherals

- Myriad of vertical applications including Security, Healthcare, Transportation and Financial sectors

- Expanding verticals in Gaming/Lottery, Point of Service and Point of Sale Transactions, SOHO (small office home office)

Edward Straw

Edward M. Straw- Chairman:

Edward M. Straw is the Executive Vice President of PRTM Management Consultants – a global Operations Strategy Consulting Firm.  He is the former President, Global Operations of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.  He was with Estee Lauder from March 2000 through February 2005.  He currently sits on the boards of the following companies:  Eddie Bauer Holdings, MeadWestvaco, Ply Gem Industries, Panther Expedited Services and is the Chairman of Odyssey Logistics and Technology and Document Capture Technologies, Inc.

As President, Global Operations for Estee Lauder, Mr. Straw led the manufacturing, research and development, information systems, package engineering, quality assurance and global supply chain (procurement, inventory management and distribution) areas, which support all 20 brands of the Estée Lauder Companies around the world.  Mr. Straw also had P&L responsibility for the Fashion Group, which consists of 250 stand alone retail outlet stores and military exchanges.  In his five years at Estee Lauder, he is credited with directing major improvements in the global supply chain, implementing new business applications, reducing inventory to the lowest levels in company history, reducing product development time by 40 percent, and driving major stock price impacting savings to the bottom line.

Mr. Straw has had many years experience developing and managing operational systems in both major corporations and the U.S. military. Prior to joining the Estée Lauder Companies, he was Senior Vice President, Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management at Houston-based Compaq Computer Corporation, then, the world’s largest computer company.

At Compaq, Mr. Straw was responsible for integrating and managing its global supply chain across the entire organization and among suppliers, partners and customers. He supervised factories and distribution centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and was responsible for a $30 billion annual raw material procurement budget.  At Compaq, he also made dramatic improvements to the bottom line by reducing cost of goods and inventory.

Before joining Compaq in late 1998, Mr. Straw was President of Miami-based Ryder Integrated Logistics, Inc., the leading provider of supply chain services in North America.

Prior to joining the private sector, Mr. Straw had a distinguished 30-year career in the U.S. Navy, retiring as a three-star admiral in 1996.  During his military service, Vice Admiral Straw was Chief Executive Officer of the Defense Logistics Agency, the largest military logistics command supporting the American armed forces. In this position, he reported directly to General Colin Powell, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. During his military career, Vice Admiral Straw received Defense, Navy and Air Force Distinguished Service Medals, the Ford Foundation’s Innovations in American Government Award and the Society of Logistics Engineers’ Founders Medal.

During his military career, he also held numerous operational and policy leadership positions at the Navy’s principal logistics commands--including full supply chain planning and coordination responsibility for material support to Navy and Marine Corps  forces during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990-91.

Admiral Straw holds a Master of Business Administration degree from The George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the U.S. Naval Academy.  He is also a graduate of the National War College.

In addition to the boards mentioned in the first paragraph above, he is a Trustee for the U.S. Naval Academy Foundation, and has served on the Board of Directors of the Navy Federal Credit Union, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Boy Scouts of America, National Capital Region.

Mr. Straw resides in New York City with his wife and two teenage daughters.  


David P. Clark

David P. Clark- Chief Executive Officer:

Prior to joining the company, Mr. Clark was President of Nautical Vision, Inc. a consumer electronics specialty marketing company.  Before that he served as President/CEO and co-founder of Homebytes.com, Inc. There he attracted investors such as America Online, FBR Technology Venture Partners, and Bank of America, raising in excess of thirty million dollars and growing the company both organically and through acquisitions from two employees to over two hundred.  Prior to Homebytes Mr. Clark was division President and Director for Take 2 Interactive (NASDAQ: TTWO).  This was the result of Take 2 Interactive acquiring both Inventory Management Systems, Inc. (I.M.S.I.), of which Mr. Clark was President/CEO and co-founder, and Creative Alliance Group, where he was also co-founder.  Before I.M.S.I., Mr. Clark held various Sales and Management positions with Sony (NYSE: SNE), Acclaim Entertainment (NASDAQ: AKLM), and Phillips Sales, Inc., all in the video gaming and computer software industry.  He received his B.S. in Business with Honors from the State University of New York, Binghamton in 1990.


William Hawkins

William Hawkins- President and Chief Operating Officer:

Appointed as the Chief Operating Officer and Secretary of the Company on April 2, 2004 in connection with the Company's acquisition of Syscan, Inc. Mr. Hawkins has held various management positions at Syscan, Inc., the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, since 1999. Prior thereto, Mr. Hawkins' product focus has been primarily in the imaging systems and computer peripheral markets, including senior positions with General Electric (UK), Kaman Aerospace, British Aerospace Engineering, Gaertner Research and Per Scholas. Mr. Hawkins received a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Maryland in 1978 and a MOT from Johns Hopkins University.


Ms. Carolyn Ellis

Ms. Carolyn Ellis- Accountant:

Ms. Ellis was appointed our Chief Financial Officer on November 1, 2007. Ms. Ellis has been an independent contractor to the Company since April 2006 in charge of and supervising our financial reporting obligations. Prior to her work with the Company, Ms. Ellis served as a director, secretary and treasurer of Knovative, Inc., a telecommunications research and development company that she co-founded in 2003 and where she remains a member of the board of directors today. From April 2000 until July 2003, Ms. Ellis served as the Vice President of Finance for Correlant Communications, a company in the telecommunications industry. Ms. Ellis has been a certified public accountant since 1989. She earned a bachelor's degree in economics and accounting from Hendrix College in 1986 and a master's degree in business administration from the University of New Mexico in 1994.


** Data referenced from pinksheets.com

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